New in TopicRanker: AI-Assisted Writing Tools

At TopicRanker, we are committed to helping you find easy-to-rank keywords and simplify your content creation process.

The next step in our journey of being the one-stop-shop for you to create content that ranks is here — with the launch of our AI writing tools.

Why build an AI writing and research assistant? That’s because creating thorough content briefs for writers requires lots of manual research. You need to scour the SERPs, analyze search intent, figure out keywords, understand heading structure, questions people ask, and provide audience details.

This takes time and effort. And if your strategist is suffering from writer’s block, your content program will have to wait.

An equally demanding task is generating catchy titles and meta descriptions — that do the dual task of incorporating the right keywords and encouraging searchers to click. Generating a first draft can be time-consuming, with writers often finding it easier to edit from a foundation rather than build from scratch.

We’re thrilled to announce your AI writing co-pilot that tackles all three problems in one fell swoop. The writing tools are live on all TopicRanker paid plans — simply log back into your account and try it yourself. 

Here is a quick video demo:


Let’s take you through the tools:

Title Generator: Unlock the Power of Engaging Headlines

Our Title Generator uses AI to suggest attention-grabbing headlines that are captivating and optimized for SEO. 

For example, let’s try generating a title with the keyword ‘Empire Flippers Alternative’.

empire flippers alternative

Our AI gives you multiple suggestions to copy to Google Docs or CMS in one click. Use these or edit them to your liking.

Content Brief Generator: Your Blueprint for Success

Our Content Brief Generator builds end-to-end briefs that give your writers all the essential details they need to craft thorough and impactful content. 

It plugs into live search engine data, so the information you get is validated with what’s currently ranking on the SERPs. 

Each brief includes:

  • Content Overview: A concise summary of the topic and its significance.
  • Content Focus: Clear objectives and goals for the content.
  • Target Audience: Insights into who the content is intended for.
  • Outline: A structured framework for the content’s flow.
  • Key Questions: Thought-provoking questions to address in the content.
  • Resources: Suggested sources and references for research.
  • Required Keywords: A list of keywords essential for SEO.

content brief for empire flippers alternative

The Table of Contents in the top right section helps your writer skip to specific sections. The high-level details are present in the top left section, giving your writer a bird’s eye view of content requirements and the target keyword.

We estimate that each content brief generated saves your strategist a minimum of 30 minutes, helping you build content quicker.

Article Writer: Jumpstart Your Content Creation

Our built-in article genie helps generate first drafts that your writer can use for inspiration. We do not recommend copy-pasting these drafts into your CMS, since they do not include internal and external links, quotes, statistics, and more. Rather, this is a  foundation that you can build upon and refine. 

Save time on the initial writing process and focus on adding your unique perspective and voice to the content.

Meta Description Suggest Tool: Elevate Your SEO Game

Crafting SEO-friendly meta descriptions is crucial for improving your content’s discoverability. 

Our Meta Description Suggest Tool uses AI to recommend meta descriptions based on your chosen keyword or phrase. 

The keyword ‘Empire Flippers Alternative’ suggests several SEO-optimized meta descriptions.

meta description for empire flippers alternative

Copy and paste to your CMS or tweak them further to your liking. We keep each meta description under 160 characters so it meets search engine best practices without sacrificing essential keywords.

The Bottom Line

TopicRanker’s new features are designed to empower your writers in each stage of your content program. Whether brainstorming catchy titles, creating content briefs, generating initial drafts, or optimizing for SEO, TopicRanker has covered you.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue our mission to make content creation easier, more efficient, and more rewarding. Thank you for choosing TopicRanker as your content creation partner!

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Your content creation journey just got a whole lot smoother!

See you on the other side!



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