How To Find Easy To Rank Keywords Based on Weaknesses in Search Results [Cheatsheet]

I recently hosted a roundtable discussion at Rhodium Weekend on how to find keywords you can easily rank for on Google. Here is the cheatsheet and recording from it:


I shared this recording and the PDF of the cheatsheet on LinkedIn and it received 30,000+ impressions in 6 days with reactions and comments from 120+ businesses.

You might ask: But Dmitry, how do you know I can easily rank for these?

Here is how our team at TopicRanker guides our customers to qualify a keyword as “easy to rank on Google” for their domain:

  • Your domain is a topical authority on this keyword
  • You have written at least 6 articles on this general topic* in last 3 month
  • You regularly post about this general topic* on social and newsletter
  • Your Moz DA is close to DAs of results on Google’s 1st page
  • general topic means the main topic of your keyword, for example my keyword is “which keywords should you target” and my general topic is “SEO”

Now comes the secret sauce, we focus on weaknesses and problems in Google’s search results for this keyword.

Your job is to make sure the keyword satisfies the topical depth conditions above as well as the following weaknesses below.

Look for these weaknesses on Google’s 1st page SERP:

  • Page title is missing some terms in your target keyword
  • Page word count is less than 1K words
  • Page takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • Page was published more then 6 months ago
  • Page is a forum site such as a Quora, Twitter, FB, LI
  • Page Moz spam score is above 10%
  • Page reading level is 9th grade or above
  • Page user experience on mobile is poor

You job is to find a keyword which has a few of these weaknesses and satisfies the conditions about Moz DA and topical depth above.

Once you find this keyword you can go ahead and capitalize on these weaknesses and create your piece of content.

If you’re interested in a PDF of this please email dmitry at

Would love to hear your feedback and questions!

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