4 Steps to Generate Keywords From URL (Best Tool in 2024)

You arrived on this page because you want to generate keyword ideas by entering your website URL.

In this tutorial we’ll show you step by step how to use TopicRanker keyword generator from URL to generate 100+ keyword ideas by entering your site URL and running a quick SERP analysis.

Ready? Let’s roll…

Step #1 Enter Your Website URL

Sign up for an account on TopicRanker, plans start at $19/mo and there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Enter your website URL and select language and country.

Enter a seed topic you want to rank for, it’s best to be specific and not general. Example: how to make non dairy vegan ice cream or backdoor ira 2024

For this example below we use a customer of ours who is a website broker Falcon River responsible for helping their clients help sell their online businesses:

Domain: falconriver.co

Seed topic: find a business for sale

Language: English

Country: United States

Once it’s all entered just click search button.

Step #2 Review Keyword Ideas

TopicRanker is NOT like most keyword research tools. Most tools such as Wordstream, Ubersuggest, SemRush, Ahrefs, Wordtracker use keyword difficulty scores to recommend keywords for you to go after.

That’s a BIG problem because you have NO IDEA if the keyword you are going after has any weak spots on SERP.

TopicRanker uses SERP analysis to find keywords with weak spots on SERP.

For example let’s look at the output we get from TopicRanker:

TopicRanker report gives you keyword suggestions that have an actual weak spot and problem in SERP. We pinpoint the actual weak spots on SERP which we found for the specific keyword:


Each icon refers to a specific SERP weakness:

❓—> missing keywords in the meta title

🔢—> low word count for primary result

🟰—> poor readability

⏳—> page loads very slowly

🕜—> page is outdated

Note that this isn’t the entire list — there are plenty more keyword suggestions, we are just singling out a few to show you how to interpret the results.


Step #3 Dive Deep Into First Report

Click on “View Details” to see the entire SERP for the keyword suggestion and the exact weak spots we found:


TopicRanker knows this is the best opportunity keyword for FalconRiver, due to these specific SERP weak spots.

There’s a real opportunity for FalconRiver to dive in and attack this search query — it’s poorly optimized, has many weak spots and the chances of ranking are excellent.

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Step #4 Generate Content with AI

TopicRanker allows you to generate SEO optimized Titles ideas, Meta description tags, complete content briefs and first draft of the article right from the keyword report.

Click Generate Content:

Select Title Ideas and TopicRanker will start generating Title Ideas for you…



As you look through the choices for a good SEO optimized title you pick on and generate a content brief for your writer to start writing the article:


TopicRanker goes to work:


Takes a few seconds to generate a content brief:


You can use TopicRanker to generate meta descriptions:



and write the first draft of the article:

Here is the output:



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